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You've been living your life up until this point, blissfully unaware of other worlds and places. You go from day to day, doing whatever it is you do, whether you're a villain, a hero or just an average joe. Then one night you go to sleep, it's not any different from any other night but you have a very vivid dream. You're sweaty, panting, moaning, writhing against another body. Erotic, sensual, you're completely free and fresh with wanton abandon. Maybe this isn't something you usually do, maybe it's what you always do. Whatever the reason, the dream is pleasant and makes you feel good, more than good. You want to stay in this dream forever, completely blissed out and hungry for more, if you can get going again.

Then you wake up, you feel at peace, and content. There's sun dripping into your eyes, but you're shaded by trees is what you first notice. All around you are the call of birds and other animals, all vying for each others' attention. Soon as you wake up some more, you set into a panic, this isn't where you went to sleep last night. Far from it infact. This looks like some kind of weird forest, well, not weird but it doesn't look like any forest you've seen before... it looks more like a melding of different types. The point is... where are you? There's no way your body just up and walked out into the middle of no where. You look toward your left and large hand woven basket with hygiene inside and flowers, then attached is a letter.

Dear Creature,
You may be asking yourself. Where am I? That's a very good question. I am unable to answer that at current. What's more important is that you learn to survive in this world.

Firstly, there is a goddess, her name is Celeste and she is the god of this plane of existence. Worship her and you will find yourself in good hands. Blasphemy against her, and find yourself cursed. You only get a few chances before she punishes.

Secondly, there are homes not far from where you currently are, in villages. There is Village West and Village South, whichever you choose is yours for the taking. There are pleasantly comfy cottages to choose from but you may end up with a roommate, so hopefully you will get along.

Thirdly, there is the town. It is open 24 hours on Thursdays and Saturdays but the remaining five days it's closed. It has many items you can grab but you can only have ten at a time.

Fourthly, the island has many resources from you to draw from. You will find that you feed and take care of yourself easily, but will have to work for it a little bit.

Fifthly, you have a communications device in the basket it. Use it to communicate with those on the island.

Sixthly, You must have sex weekly. It's do or die if you don't. Rather that is with multiple partners or a single partner, it doesn't matter. You must have sex to keep the hideous monsters from fully attacking the island and villages. Putting out sexual energy keeps them to a minimum. The goddess needs this sexual energy for reasons unknown even to us.

Lastly, make the island your home. We know it's not favorable by any means but you really have no choice in the matter. And no, we don't know when we can return you to your world, so it's best you make due.

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